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Updated: Oct 31, 2021

At Crown Body Life, our goal is to be an authentic resource for anyone who is interested in alternative, natural, herbal remedies and healing. This blog will be our space to explore thoughts, tips, tricks and provide updates on various aspects of Health and Wellness.

Traditional herbal medicine has been used to treat ailments of the mind, body, and spirit for centuries. Mother Nature holds an indefinite amount of plants. We’d like to kick things off with a look at how medicinal herbs CAN be used and consumed.

Herbs can be:

  • Combined with boiling water and consumed as tea

  • Infused, chilled, and sipped throughout the day

  • Used in a salve

  • Used in a bath or steam bath (to treat the body, skin, or for spiritual cleansing)

  • Burned or smoked

  • Powdered and mixed into a beverage

  • Powdered and encapsulated

  • Extracted for essential oils

We are sure that there are probably many more ways and we’d love to hear them from you. What are some of the ways that you’ve consumed your herbs? Are there any herbal practices that are unique to your culture? Please feel free to comment below.

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